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Our History!

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to manufacture the finest quality draw dies with the shortest lead-times in the industry.

The Beginnings:

Vincent Griffin, Founder & President of Premier Wire Die, fresh out of college in 1983, began working for a diamond die company in Fort Wayne, Indiana and thus began his life-long passion for manufacturing diamond dies. Showing a strong technical aptitude and astute leadership skills, he quickly moved up and into the management ranks. In 1994, Vincent attracted the attention of a wire mill owner in Woonsocket, RI. It was the owner's desire to have dies when he needed them and Vincent was the right man for the job. At 30 years of age, he was asked to develop a state-of-the-art die shop from little more than an empty room!

Gaining momentum:

Armed with his own manufacturing experience and plenty of financing, Vincent procured all of the equipment neccessary to make diamond dies from the basic raw materials. He then proceeded to train employees from all walks of life to operate the equipment. Realizing Vincent's success at developing the die shop, the wire mill owner then decided to take the business to another level and hired a National Sales Manager with industry experience. The role they would fill in the wire industry was to provide the finest quality diamond dies with the shortest lead-times in the business...and it clicked!

Up from the ashes:

June 26, 2003 is a day of infamy in Woonsocket, RI. On this sunny summer day a transformer on a telephone pole blew up, sparked a fire and put Vincent & company out of the diamond business within 20 minutes. Having a sink or swim moment, Vincent secured financing, equipment and employees all within a few weeks and thus were the beginnings of Premier Wire Die!


Picking up on where he left off from his previous company, Vincent knew the role to fill in the industry was still with customer service. Companies today do not want to carry a lot of inventory, yet still need to be reactive to their cusomer's needs. They need a die supplier dedicated to cutomer service [Premier Wire Die] to provide draw tooling when they need it. It is a testament to Vincent's proprietary equipment designs and how he set up the operations that allows PWD to provide the finest quality diamond dies with the shortest lead-times in the industry and yet, still be competetive in pricing.


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