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Die Design:

Utilize our proprietary die design software to create your own drawings or evaluate proper die geometry based on your own input before buying a die.

Instructions: Click on the link below, enter the information in the proper fields to the right of the page and then select a diamond insert size.

Once all fields are entered, click <calculate> to see if your die design is favorable.  Upon completion of the design, you may save the data to a pdf digital file or print it out to have your own hard copy.  Feel free to make as many as you like.


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Die String Area of Reduction Worksheet:

Below is a chart to work on developing die strings based on reduction in area. Simply enter start size in cell - line 1 under Incoming Dia., then tweak the sizes under Exit Diameter to calculate the reduction in area through each die. Next, tweak the angle to desired Delta effect.

When you are finished with the reduction sheet, go to one of the die design pages to work on the proper geometry based on your incoming and exit diameters.

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